Mercado Bitcoin teams up with Moss and leads the way in offsetting carbon emissions with Blockchain

The world´s first cryptocurrency exchange to offset carbon emissions since its founding, Mercado Bitcoin will also list MOSS´ token, the MCO2


São Paulo, January 2021 – MOSS, the world’s largest carbon offset platform and first to tokenize tradable carbon credits, will offset Mercado Bitcoin’s Green House Gas emissions since its founding in 2013. Mercado Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency and digital asset platform in Latin America. More than 2 million Mercado Bitcoin customers will be able to buy and offset carbon credits via MCO2 purchases as early as January 2021.


With the partnership with MOSS, Mercado Bitcoin becomes the first cryptocurrency exchange in the world to offset all its carbon footprint” says Reinaldo Rabelo, CEO at Mercado Bitcoin.


MOSS was founded in the first quarter of 2020 and launched the world’s first tradable carbon credit-backed token, MCO2, used by large companies and individuals to offset CO2 footprints. Moss has the largest inventory of carbon credits in History: 2 million tons – equivalent to a market value of $ 36 million. MCO2 was audited by CertiK (UP Alliance), is currently being audited by Armanino and EY and has Perkins Coie as its legal advisor.


Through MCO2, we are democratizing carbon offsets and revolutionizing environmental conservation and greenhouse gas emissions reduction”, said Luis Felipe Adaime, CEO and Founder of MOSS. Adaime highlights that in ten months of existence MOSS has already transacted more than 1 million of carbon credits, collecting and sending over US $ 10 million in revenue for conservation projects in the Amazon jungle.


In addition to the partnership to neutralize its carbon emissions, Mercado Bitcoin will soon also list the MOSS carbon credit token, the MCO2, enabling more than 2 million customers to buy, store and offset carbon credits.


By listing MCO2 on our platform, we are fulfilling the rising demand of our customers who wish to connect more concretely with projects in the environmental area”, says Fabricio Tota, director of New Business at MB Digital Assets (MBDA), platform created by Mercado Bitcoin to trade alternative assets. “This is an initiative that changes people’s lives.”


As the largest crypto exchange in Latin America, Mercado Bitcoin has traded more than US$ 4 billion and seeks to build the “financial market of the future” by transforming people’s relationship with money. In its board and executive body, there are more than 25 former executives of Cetip and [B]³


According to Tota, the arrival of MOSS can attract new people interested in contributing to the preservation of biodiversity and the mitigation of climate change. “When we analyzed the MCO2 token we saw that it was sustainable, reliable and beneficial for all interested parties”, he evaluates.


Recently, MOSS created an Advisory Board composed of some of the most eminent names in the environmental sector in Brazil. The newest member is Fabio Feldmann, who founded several non-governmental organizations for environmental protection and has already served as a consultant to Brazilian governments on issues related to climate change.


Other members of the Advisory Board are Roberto Klabin, founder of the largest and most successful Foundation for the protection of tropical forests in Brazil, SOS Mata Atlântica, and president of the SOS Pantanal Foundation; Julia Sekula, coordinator of the Climate and Safety program at the Igarapé Institute and co-author of the book “Brasil: Paraíso Restaurável”; and Alexandre Bossi, chairman of SOS Pantanal.