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We want the crypto ecosystem to flourish by providing you capital, connections and industry expertisee

We are in it for the long-run. Crypto is still in its early-days and we want to be catalysts for this new economy by funding innovative and disruptive ideas, new applications and concepts — connecting with the entrepreneurs that are pushing the frontier of blockchain technology.



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Our Investments

Digital marketplace for financial assets

Next-Gen FMI Brazil

DAO focused on curating and collecting Tier 1 NFTs

NFT Global

Art marketplace focused on NFT curated by specialists

NFT Global

Securities distributor

Traditional Assets Brazil

One of the largest investor communities in LatAm

Traditional Assets Digital Assets Brazil

Receivables register in Brazilian market

Next-Gen FMI Brazil

Acquirer of consortium quotas

Traditional Assets Brazil

App-based investment consolidation platform

Traditional Assets Brazil

Quantitative investment strategies for cryptoassets

Digital assets Brazil

Collectible NFTs platform

NFT Brazil

Crypto wallet with multiple features

Wallet Global

Staking and application layer solutions on Web3

Digital assets Next-Gen FMI Global

Digital commodities exchange

Next-Gen FMI Brasil

Cross boarder FX solutions platform

Traditional assets Global

Digital tool for collectors, artist and galleries

Digital assets Brasil

2TM Ventures
in the media

SL Tools wants to tokenize everything, and Mercado Bitcoin is joining the bet

SL Tools - which started building a stock renting marketplace two years ago - will also expand its platform to fixed income assets

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Mercado Bitcoin invests in one of the largest digital art curators

2TM, Mercado Bitcoin’s controlling group, entered the art segment through a futurist and innovative channel

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2TM leads seed round at Tropix, digital art marketplace founded by Multiplan’s successor

With 2TM funds, the company expects to partner with 50 galleries until the end of the year and include international artists at the portfolio

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2TM and CERC will tokenize receivables

Mercado Bitcoin controlling holding leads the company’s R$ 90 million round

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